Recent Solar Installs

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Residential Install Old Court

At Old Court, a majestic home pairs its historic charm with the modern appeal of solar technology, thanks to EnergyServ’s bespoke installation. The solar panels atop this home are a subtle nod to a greener future, crafted to harmonize with the building’s traditional aesthetics. This setup isn’t just about maintaining the residence’s grandeur—it’s a practical stride towards self-sufficiency and environmental consciousness.


Commercial Install Co. Wexford

Wexford Town is now home to a shining example of commercial sustainability with EnergyServ’s installation of a substantial solar panel array. From an eagle-eye view, the expansive rooftop installation captures a clean energy vision turned reality. This array generates significant electricity, reducing the company’s dependence on traditional power sources, and in turn, their operational expenses. It’s a strategic investment in the environment, showing that this Wexford business prioritizes green energy solutions. The installation underscores the message that responsible energy use and economic savvy can indeed coexist, paving the way for a greener future in Wexford Town

Commercial Install Ramstown Co. Wexford

Over in Ramstown Co. Wexford, a forward-thinking business has just amped up its sustainability game with EnergyServ’s latest solar installation. Perched atop a large commercial building, these solar panels are a shining example of how businesses can contribute to a greener planet. By converting to solar power, this company is seeing the light when it comes to slashing energy costs and taking control of its environmental impact. The indoor energy storage system ensures no drop of solar energy goes to waste, highlighting an investment that’s as economically savvy as it is eco-friendly. It’s a move that puts Ramstown on the map for renewable energy and positions this business as a leader in the green revolution.

Commercial Install Waterford City

In the bustling urban landscape of Waterford City, a local business has taken a significant step into the future with EnergyServ’s latest solar panel installation. This cutting-edge solar array is now a part of the city’s skyline, showcasing a commitment to sustainability that’s as strong as it is smart. By opting for solar, the business isn’t just reducing its carbon footprint; it’s also locking in lower energy rates and showcasing environmental leadership in the Waterford business community. Inside, the sleek energy storage system ensures that excess power is never wasted, embodying a forward-thinking approach to energy use.

Commercial Instal Tramore Waterford

Perched on a rooftop in Tramore, this sleek solar installation by EnergyServ is a beacon of progress in renewable energy for businesses. These perfectly aligned panels are silently at work, converting Tramore’s sunshine into clean, cost-effective power. This investment reflects the business’s foresight in leveraging natural resources, leading to substantial savings on energy bills and reinforcing their role as a green leader in the community. Such initiatives not only benefit the company’s operational efficiency but also contribute to the broader vision of a sustainable future for all of Tramore.

Commercial Solar Kilkenny

Hovering above Kilkenny, this aerial snapshot showcases a commercial solar installation that’s turning businesses green. EnergyServ has transformed these rooftops into powerhouses, producing renewable energy right where it’s needed. The solar arrays you see here are more than just panels; they’re a statement of the businesses’ commitment to innovation and sustainability. By investing in clean energy, these companies are not only cutting down on operational costs but also taking a lead in the city’s eco-friendly movement.