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Voted in the TOP 2 Best Solar PV Company in Ireland!

Solar Panel Grants

Up to €2,400 SEAI Grants Available.
EnergyServ will look after all the SEAI grant paperwork for you!

We are 100% Carbon Neutral!

It marks 3 years that Energyserv is the only green driven, 100% Carbon Neutral Company in Ireland. Powered by our Solar Panels!

We want to
help turn your
into a
carbon neutral
home or

ENERGY SERV is an energy service providing design and installation of Solar PV systems, Electric vehicle Charging points, Smart heating controls and Real time energy monitoring.

Energy Serv are proud to have worked in most industry sectors, agriculture and on hundreds of domestic projects. We began as a small electrical service company but quickly expanded to provide ventilation services and renewable energy services also. We serve home-owners, businesses and landlords in the mid-east region: Tipperary and surrounding counties. Our team is friendly, informative and easily recognisable with our uniforms. We also provide the highest quality renewable systems service in South East (Waterford, Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford) and Tipperary. We can combine these skills to ensure that your needs are fully met, whatever the job.

5% Discount for Solar Panels to all St. Dominic Credit Union members!

Energyserv is delighted to offer Domonic Credit Union members a 5% DISCOUNT with on solar panels. Energy Serv also gives customers the option to take out a Green Loan with St. Dominic Credit Union to cover the cost of their solar panels.

Domestic Solar Energy Systems
Generate your own clean energy! SEAI are now offering a grant for Solar Photovoltaic panels to generate electricity for homeowners. Energy Serv provides a full range of renewable services, installation, repairs and maintenance services, including, solar thermal, solar PV, rainwater harvesting and heat pumps.
Commercial Solar Energy Systems
You can save up to 20% on your electricity costs by installing Solar Energy Systems on your property rooftop. Our experienced team at energyserv.ie are ready to help you move forward with installing Renewable Energy For Your Business.
Renewable Energy Farm Grant
Solar energy is ideal for farming as it can be installed easily on to a current structure on site. Solar Power is clean and affordable. By investing in solar pv for the farm, you are generating electricity in a sustainable way.
SEAI Solar PV Grant
The Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) are offering generous grants to help homeowners, business owners, communities and large industry reduce their energy costs and greenhouse emissions.
Smart Heating Controls
Reduce your energy usage by up to 20% with easy to use heating controls and save money on your home heating bills. And in as little as 30 minutes, in three simple steps, Energy Serv will have installed your HUB and you’re ready to start controlling your home heating from anywhere.
Electric Vehicle Home Charger
Claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle home charger unit (under SEAI Grant). This amazing new technology enables you to not only save money but also do your bit for future generations by protecting the environment.

Why choose EnergyServ?

Government Home/Business Grant Scheme

We will help you claim up to €2400 on the government SEAI grant scheme to help turn your home or business more green.

Smart Energy Solutions

We use the latest tried and tested smart energy technology to save you money and help to save our planet.

Advice, supply, installation and maintenance

We offer a complete green home heating & energy solution, from surveys and planning through to installation and maintenance.

See how much our clients save!

What Our Clients Say About Us

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"After many years of thinking about the benefits of solar energy, I decided to make some inquiries. After contacting and speaking to a number of companies I can honestly say that Shane was not only extremely professional but his knowledge about solar energy shone through.."

Mr Sean Foster
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"I had solar PV installed recently. My electric use seems to be reduced by about one third (have only one bill as yet). My kerosine use will be reduced as water heated by solar. Expect to get paid for power returned to grid in July..."

Mrs Marie Doyle
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"I purchased my solar system December 19 and it was installed January 20. I am delighted with the system. I have changed some of my habits to more efficiently utilise the incoming free solar energy. It was interesting to calculate the energy received in May 20 outstripped that in July 20, due to the blue skies we had...."

Mrs Clare butler
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