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Hear what our customers have to share about choosing EnergyServ as their partner in renewable energy solutions.

Mr Conrad Howard Client

We used Energyserv to install solar panels on the roof of our business. We found the service to be prompt and professional and the results have been great.

Mr Sean Foster Client

After many years of thinking about the benefits of solar energy, I decided to make some inquiries. After contacting and speaking to a number of companies I can honestly say that Shane was not only extremely professional but his knowledge about solar energy shone through. Instillation and after care were faultless and I would 100% recommend Shane Molloy if you are considering solar panels.

Mrs Marie Doyle Client

I had solar PV installed recently. My electric use seems to be reduced by about one third (have only one bill as yet). My kerosine use will be reduced as water heated by solar. Expect to get paid for power returned to grid in July. So installation seems to be far better than money on deposit. EnergyServ were most efficient, tidy and very knowledgeable on what was best for my household needs. Dealing with the team was a pleasure. Would recommend them.

Mrs Clare Butler Client

I purchased my solar system December 19 and it was installed January 20. I am delighted with the system. I have changed some of my habits to more efficiently utilise the incoming free solar energy. It was interesting to calculate the energy received in May 20 outstripped that in July 20, due to the blue skies we had. I look forward to gaining some reimbursement for the energy I send to the grid. I’m glad to see the decrease in electricity bills and I’m delighted to be helping the environment. Glad to recommend your team of workers, very neat, respectful and effective. No hesitation in encouraging people to commit to installing.

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