Residential Solar

Energy Systems

Seriously Reduced Electricity Prices, with No Upfront Costs

The benefits

Cheaper electricity bills

You could reduce your electricity bill in excess of €200 per kilowatt of solar PV installed on your property. Example a three kilowatt PV system on average will save you 600 euro of electricity cost per annum. *Based on current electricity price

Improve your BER

You will receive a 7 day timer to help you plan your usage. Ask your contractor about remote access through a mobile app.

Reduce your emissions

Generating your own renewable electricity also has benefits for our environment. The energy you consume will be clean energy which cuts down on your greenhouse gas emissions.

Solar Energy
For Your Home

SEAI Solar Grant available

Produce your own clean energy. Renewable energy systems for Ireland that will reward you endlessly. Our team at Energy Serv are ready to help you move forward with installing a Solar Renewable Energy System For Your Home.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we offer Solar Panel Installation work to one and all. This includes both Solar Panel Installation for all spaces and for installation solutions in general. Our customers know that once they decide to work with Energy Serv we will take care of them and find the best route to install panels and systems with respect to your property and investments.

People choose Solar Energy for their home for many good reasons:

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