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EnergyServ will look after all the SEAI grant paperwork for you!

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We are 100% Carbon Neutral!

It marks 4 years that ENERGYSERV is the only green driven, 100% Carbon Neutral Company in Ireland. Powered by our Solar Panels!

Our Company


ENERGYSERV is an energy service specializing in providing design and installation of solar PV and wind systems for commercial and domestic applications. Set up in 2016, rebranded in 2021, we are one of the first companies in Ireland providing these services.

We have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge related to commercial and domestic PV and battery storage systems. We are also now providing smart wind systems to supplement solar PV systems to further improve energy efficiencies across various applications including large commercials, farms and domestic projects.

We at Energyserv pride ourselves in the standard of our workmanship, quality of service and only use the highest quality products on our projects. Our friendly informative team and technical support is second to none.

We at Energyserv are not looking to do “one off” installations for clients but rather we want to partnership with our clients for life and take the journey together.

We have a fantastic relationship with our clients, and have even received thank you cards and home made cakes from our clients, but don’t worry we don’t expect anything in return, not even cakes!


Our goal is to install as many Solar PV and wind systems in Ireland as we can thus helping to reduce the nations carbon footprint and help to improve the environmental issues we find ourselves with.

Why not come on this journey with us and help make a difference by becoming a partner with Energyserv and help make a difference while saving your hard earned money at the same time!

Call us today, we’d love to hear from you!

Why Choose Energy Serv?

SEAI Solar Grant available

Government Home/Business Grant Scheme

We will help you claim up to €2,400 on the government SEAI grant scheme to help turn your home more green. Up to €162,200 Grants available for Solar PV Commercial.

Smart Energy Solutions

We use the latest tried and tested smart energy technology to save you money and help to save our planet.

Advice, supply, installation and maintenance

We offer a complete green home heating & energy solution, from surveys and planning through to installation and maintenance.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Energyserv installed my solar system one year ago. Great advice received before during and after install. All work done in one day. No issues since but super operational advice given by phone. ( thanks Helena). System was sized to our needs and we are 75% self sufficient to date. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Peter O Brien Clent

Shane and the Energy Serv team installed a new solar panel system for me recently and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. Right from the start Shane knew what I wanted and recommended what was best got me surveyed, quoted and when I decided to proceed everything was smooth and easy and done in a timely manner and they turned up when they said and were efficient and very neat with their installation. Happy with my system thanks Shane and the Energy Serv Team. Ward.

Ward Kinsella Clent

Was discussing solar pv installation for our new build in Waterford with Jeff. Jeff was extremely informative and helpful and we decided to use Energyserv for our installation. Can't recommend Jeff enough for his help in deciding to go with our solar pv installation. We can't wait to get started now.

Raymond O'Donnell Clent

Recently got a solar pv system installed by energyserv great job start to finish, really tidy and professional ,system up and running in around 2.5 day installation, first sunny winters day supplied all my power for 24 hrs 4.6 kw system

Jim Baldwin Clent

Very happy with the service I received They installed the charger in two days and I'm very happy with their service and I will definitely install solar system with them

Ahmed Deiab Clent

Rising electricity costs and good roof space provided by commercial properties make solar a sensible investment.

Whether your business is looking to save money, reduce its carbon footprint or secure its future energy supply, Energy Serv IE provides expert commercial solar installations with proven high yielding solar panels across Ireland. Call us today!

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